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Hutch Systems Inc. provides Total Fleet Solution for Trucking Market. Your privacy is important to Hutch Systems Inc. By using the Hutch Systems Inc. website or Hutch 1, Hutch 2, Hutch3 or Hutch Enterprise Solution software, you consent to the practices described by this Privacy Policy. Each time you use this website, the current version of this Privacy Policy will govern your use. Accordingly, each time you use this website, you should check the date at the bottom of this page to be sure that you've read the most recent version.

We limit the collection and use of customer information to the minimum required to deliver superior service to our customers, which includes advising them about our products, services and other opportunities, and to administer our business. We do not reveal customer information to external organizations unless we have previously informed the customer in disclosures or agreements, have been authorized by the customer, or are required by law.

We permit only authorized employees, who are trained in the proper handling of customer information, to have access to that information. Employees who violate our Privacy Policy are subject to an effective disciplinary process.

As part of using Hutch Systems Inc. services, you communicate with your employee in the field or in office or store financial and other data. These online communications are not reviewed by Hutch Systems Inc. or any of its employees, agents or representatives, and this information is retained by Hutch Systems Inc. on its servers for your use. It is your choice to disclose information to the other party. Private information entered into the system during normal uses of the system is always under the control of the user and is accessible only by those to whom the user gives the access codes. Users can change or remove their information at any time. Hutch Systems Inc. attempts to safeguard your information but is not liable under any circumstances.

Please contact us if you have any comments or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy.

Last updated on April 11, 2014 @ 10:34 AM PST

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