Release Components

Hutch AOBRD Version
Release Date : Feb 21, 2019
  • Implemented feature to defer off duty time
  • Feature to Delete DVIR
  • Feature to add DVIR Datetime manually
  • Enhanced hours of service rules calculation feature
  • Post data of daily log for respective day
  • Send logs to Email/Fax
  • Few design changes
  • Few Bug fixes
Hutch AOBRD Version
Release Date : Oct 10, 2018
  • Ticket History in device
  • Ticket Feedback by driver from device
  • Retain setup information after uninstall/Data Clear
  • Append Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 in Canadian rule
  • In Dailylog Screen only Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 is shown instead of full name of Canadian Rule.
  • Added Duration of Event in event list
  • few design changes
  • Few Bug fixes
Hutch AOBRD Version
Release Date : May 18, 2018
  • Implemented Split Sleep logic
  • In Daily log shows Short name of time zone instead of Timezone offset
  • Driver would be able to scan document irrespective of status unless he is not moving
  • Few Bug fixes
Hutch AOBRD Version
Release Date : May 8, 2018
  • Improved Miles calculation logic
  • Improved Help design
  • View all event in Setting for candian customer
  • AOBRD will only allow driver to login
  • After BTB disconnected it will retry 3 times to reconnect. After 3 consecutive fails to reconnect driver will have to fix BTB issue himself.
  • Driver is allowed to create only one ticket at a time. After that ticket is resolved or closed then he would be able to create next ticket
  • Few Bug fixes
Hutch AOBRD Version
Release Date : Feb 8, 2018



This Software Version Document identifies and describes the Configuration Items (CIs) of the AOBRD It provides important information about bug fix, product enhancements, and new rule sets.


This document provides a description of the new features and updates added in the AOBRD application. This can effectively help fleets meet compliance and regulatory obligations.

Document Overview

Section 1 provides an assessment of the versioning approach, explaining the concepts applied to AOBRD during the the versioning process.

Section 2 provides the list of all changes incorporated into the software version since the previous versions.

Section 3 gives the details in terms of errors and software bugs fixed from the previous version.

Section 1


  • Driver can add/update his digital signature in driver profile screen which will be displayed in DVIR screen while adding inspection. Additionally, an option has been provided to add driver signature in DVIR, if it is not added in driver profile.
  • Driver Home Terminal Address is added from web in Inspect Daily Log screen.
  • App will record time now as per Driver timezone which is added from web. If driver timezone is not added in web, then application will automatically start recording data in company timezone
  • Driver will use Help menu in AOBRD app to report any issue. It will generate a ticket in the server and ticket number will be displayed to driver in app
  • Driver will get an alert while changing Duty Status, if Hutch updates new version of AOBRD
  • Next violation is displayed in Gauge cluster screen along with the time of violation
  • Odometer Reading displays Comments added while changing Duty Status to Personal Use
  • While adding fuel, driver would be able to select Unit (Litres or Gallon) of fuel as per requirement
  • App will sync data from server every day to check any changes from web server

Section 2


Duty Status may be referred to as events in this document.

  • Duty status (events) can now be created for the previous days (Max 15-day limit)
  • If a customer is based in USA:
    • No starting or ending Odometer Reading is displayed
    • Driver is allowed to manually adjust the Total Miles Driven
  • If a customer is based in Canada:
    • Starting and ending Odometer Reading is displayed
    • Driver is not allowed to manually adjust the Total Miles Driven
    • Personal use odometer reading is available in duty status changes.
  • Odometer Reading and Engine Hours are not available in duty status (events)
  • During editing of duty status, commenting is not required
  • Geocode is accomplished with Hutch Navigation. However, if a customer has not purchased Hutch Navigation (Sygic), reverse Geocode is accomplished with Google API, otherwise, navigation would not work.
  • Device captures Odometer Readings at midnight or when the device starts to compute the total miles driven
  • Engine Power Up, Power Down, Certify Log, and few non required malfunctions are not available in duty status (events)
  • Device is operable even when Hutch BTB is disconnected
  • Implement auto connect and fix functionality, if BTB is disconnected
  • AOBRD is displayed throughout the application
  • Malfunction and diagnostic lights are removed from gauge cluster
  • When the vehicle reaches 25MPH, AOBRD is automatically set to change to Driving status
  • Location and Odometer can be updated manually in DVIR
  • Auto Driving status change is configurable upon customer’s request if not using it as AOBRD or an ELD
  • Safety manager is allowed to edit Driving status by entering a comment
  • Head office address is available in Inspect Daily Log
  • Tracking location is updated every 1 hour when vehicle is shut down
  • All data is synchronized with Hutch Cloud every 24 hours
  • Support tickets are created from Help menu
  • We can set ECM to report Odometer reading in miles or kilometers
  • Odometer Reading can now be set in miles or kilometers from Web Portal
  • Home terminal address can now be entered in AOBRD
  • Daily Log is synchronized with driver home terminal zone
  • Next violation is visible on Gauge Cluster
  • AOBRD is configured via Hutch Portal (Only available for Hutch use)
  • Backup database button is disabled in AOBRD app
  • Set J1939/J1708 protocol is allowed to be set to lock onto engine , anti-lock braking system (ABS), or gauge cluster ECU
  • Previous location is automatically picked when driver changes status to Driving
  • Location precision is at 100%
  • Allowed driver to sign on the tablet for DVIR use
  • When new version is available, driver is notified to update his AOBRD
  • Display all vehicles driven by to driver for a given day
  • Allowed AOBRD database to be updated by Hutch (Only available for Hutch use)
  • If customer is based in USA, then show previous 7-day log during Roadside Inspection or in Inspection Daily Log
  • Allowed previous daily logs to be synced with Hutch Cloud via Inspect Daily Log.
  • Resetting of Odometer Reading and Engine Hours is accomplished automatically, if garbage data is provided by Vehicle Data Bus

Section 3

Bug Fixed

  • Inspector Mode is retained even the application or tablet is restarted
  • Original Location and Odometer Reading is retained during edits
  • DOT password is not displayed in portrait mode
  • Location is updated with change in duty status
  • Device reverts back to Canadian Rule, if driver has not selected any other Rule for more than 15 days
  • Unit Conversion is displayed wrong when Auto Rule Change is configured