Vehicle Maintenance

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Vehicle Maintenance

Hutch’s vehicle maintenance system allows you to plan, schedule, and file vehicle maintenance according to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications while keeping your vehicle warranty intact and your vehicles on the road to keep on serving your customers.

  • Multiple Preventative Maintenance Plans functionality
  • Schedule PM to vehicle or group
  • Multiple Maintenance Items per Schedule
  • Schedule based on Mileage, Engine Hours or Days
  • Set effective dates to start the PM Program
Easily Manage Maintenance Alets

Know when maintenance is due, to keep track of your PM program effectiveness. When repairs are complete start the maintenance record keeping to meet the FMCSA and NSC vehicle maintenance record keeping requirements.

  • Identify overdue maintenance
  • Start repair filing requirements
  • Keep track of upcoming maintenance
Keep track of Maintenance Expenses

Utilize Hutch Vehicle Maintenance tracking to analyze vehicle maintenance and keep an eye on if the PM program effectiveness

  • Easily categorize vehicle parts.
  • Scan and Attach receipts
  • Track Labor and Parts cost
  • Meet NSC and FMCSA record keeping requirements.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Yes, Hutch helps in keeping all the records in one place on the web portal.

Yes the Maintenance schedules can be assigned separately to each individual Unit.

Yes, The driver can scan the documents and complete vehicle maintenance in the HUTCH ELD app.

Yes they can scan these documents and can be added to record keeping repository.

Hutch calculates depending upon the Unit selected while creating alert this can be based on Miles, KM or Hours / days.

Yes, the past due and upcoming Maintenance can be viewed on the Tablet and web portal by both drivers and Safety manager respectively.

Yes you can scan the documents and even make entries to keep the record for parts and labor cost for maintenance.

Yes, the option can be mark completed.

Yes, Hutch makes it really easy to track exactly what type of service work is being done on your vehicles and equipment from both in-house and outsourced maintenance. The system comes with a list of standard tasks and categories, and you can customize these for your fleet’s needs. Our reports can be exported and emailed. Reporting capabilities make it easy to keep tabs on costs, common service items and systems and more at any given time.

Yes! Establish a regularly recurring schedule based on Miles/Km or date or even with Engine Hours, then receive in-app reminders or email notifications for due tasks and track compliance. You can even create and apply schedules to similar vehicles and equipment all at once to make PM management easier.

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