Get on the Trailer tracking trend and secure more loads

The transportation industry now, has more visibility than ever. This not only gives customers visibility into their loads but also provides Carriers a peace of mind. The ELD mandate is connecting the transportation industry making it traceable, comparable, compliant and safer.

Why Should Carriers implement Trailer tracking?

Companies usually own more trailers than trucks and will use them for much longer than trucks. However, tracking a truck has been more prominent in this industry than a trailer. A driver is always in the cabin making it easier for them to look for irregularities with the Truck, but who stays inside the trailer all the time? Especially Reefers?

How can carriers have an edge with Trailer tracking?

A company that has more volume and pace while complying with the regulations always wins. Trailer tracking gives you an edge over your competitors and helps you:

  • Track Reefer, Dry Van and Flat-bed trailers in real time
  • Get accurate mileages and maintenance alerts
  • Send Tracking Links to your customers
  • Avoid Trailer and load theft
  • Get live Reefer temperature from inside the Reefer trailer with multiple zone capability
  • Get alerts for irregularities with reefer temperature
  • Secure more loads with a safer fleet
  • Get insured faster with good practices
  • Save on Cargo Insurance Policy
  • Win more customers than your competition
  • Get ability to be member of Trailer Pool technology
  • Get your assists utilize to full and Get faster ROI

Implement a trailer tracking system in your company today and get ahead of your competition

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