Safety/Fleet Management
Get more confidence

More and accurate knowledge of the Fleet and its Safety gives more confidence. Hutch ELD helps and provides more confidence when making safer, on time deliveries.

Alerts and Reports

Get proactive HOS violation Alerts or Run reports using the Hutch back office portal to stay safe and compliant, while meeting the DOT requirements of a SAFER Carrier.

Avoid violations and Track habits

Keep an eye on your drivers to prevent present and future Road violations. Monitor their speed, behavior and violation frequency to better understand their habits. Hutch will help eliminate all speeding or road violation tickets, making sure compliance is met.

Prevent Audits, yet be Safe

Clear all CVSA inspections and stay up to date with the Fleet Safety requirements while preventing audits all together. However, if an audit does come, Hutch ensures that all your company data is stored, encrypted and readily available to provide to the DOT.

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