Trailer Tracking Trend and Secure
By Vishal Sharma November 27 2020

The transportation industry now, has more visibility than ever. This not only gives customers visibility into their loads but also provides Carriers a peace of mind. The ELD mandate is connecting the transportation industry making it traceable, comparable, compliant and safer.

Editing ELD Logs, is it Legal?
By Vishal Sharma November 27 2020

The ELD mandate of December 2019 has created big changes for the Fleets/Carriers operating in or travelling to and from the United States. One of the biggest concerns drivers and carriers face is making changes or Edits to their logs after the event has already occurred.

ELD Mandate of Canada
By Vishal Sharma November 16 2020

Transport Canada has begun registering the ELD certifying bodies and FP Innovations is first in line. The ELD mandate for the hours of service regulations will come on June 12, 2020 and bring a big change in the Transportation industry in Canada.

Revised Regulations FMCSA
By Vishal Sharma May 27 2020

FMCSA revises the hours of service (HOS) regulations to provide greater flexibility for drivers subject to those rules without adversely affecting safety. Hutch is already working on implementing these changes and will soon have it available

At This Time of Pandemic. Are Truckers Still Paying their Fixed Monthly Bills?
By Vishal Sharma April 14 2019

Amid the Coronavirus or COVID19 Lockdown even though the world stays home, the efforts being put by the Truckers and Drivers on the Roads might go unnoticed. While the truckers continue delivering loads and follow COVID19 safety procedures with uncer

Optimal Driver Training Program-A key to organizational profits
By Vishal Sharma April 12 2019

Proper fleet management is linked with successful driving habits as it has a significant impact on corporate success. Maintaining a safe fleet is integral for a firm due to high-risk disasters associated with it. Even a small mistake can lead to a ha

Derive Fundamental Information Through Fleet Management Reports
By Vishal Sharma April 09 2019

Gain a bird eye view of your fleet health through the “Hutch Report System” that provides top-level insight into actionable data. You can measure success by determining key performance indicators as well as opportunities for cost reductions.Get a cry

FMCSA gives HOS Regulatory Relaxation to CMV Drivers in Response to COVID-19
By Vishal Sharma March 18 2019

President Trump declares a national emergency due to the spread of coronavirus disease. In this emergency, trucks form a critical part of moving goods from one place to another. Therefore, the drivers transporting relief products are exempt to follow

How Can You Stay on Top of Fleet
By Vishal Sharma March 12 2020

Ensuring assets and staff in the field are safe and compliant with DOT regulations can be challenging, but we make it simple by providing you tools required to build a safer fleet. By improving regulatory compliance requirements, you will be able to

Tips to Avoid Accidents on the Road
By Vishal Sharma March 05 2020

Trucking is one of those high-risk industries causing traffic fatalities and truck accidents due to its size, high speed and cargo they are hauling. Drivers need to pay constant attention to their vehicle as even one second of distracted truck drivging

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