The Canadian ELD mandate was to take effect on June 12, 2021. It required the ELD’s currently being used by various companies to be certified by a third party agency. However, by June 12, no existing ELD’s were certified thus pushing the government to implement a slow enforcement over the upcoming 12 months.

In order to limit misinterpretations of the requirements of compliance, Hutch Systems has developed technology that is not only user-friendly but also makes compliance with HOS regulations easy for you!

While maintaining your operations within the provisions of the mandate, it is critical to understand the difference between ELD certifications in the US and Canada. The US mandate relies on self-certification to be done by the manufacturers of the ELD, however, in Canada, certification needs to be granted by a third party.

It is time for the trucking industry to embrace the transition into the rapid digitalization the world is going through. With the introduction of the electronic logging devices, trucking companies will be able to complete the audit process easily and efficiently. The device helps eliminate inaccurate reporting, collects necessary data required for reporting and helps the driver keep track and operate within the HOS regulations.

Features such as live tracking, real-time alerts, monitoring HOS regulations, Driver Coaching/Behavior, generation of reports such as IFTA ensure that there is no room for non-compliance.

Hutch Systems suggests a progressional enforcement of ELD’s like the mandate suggests.Start procuring units, implement at least in 20% of your fleet, in order to assess the impact of the transition from paper logs to electronic logs. By doing so now, come June 2022, most trucking companies would have had the opportunity to adapt to the change thus making the use of ELD’s easier for themselves.

Additionally, due to COVID-19’s drastic impact globally, we predict a supply shortage of the chip sets used in producing the ELD’s hardware. Procuring hardware might become a task in the future hence we highlight the urgency of including ELD’s in your daily endeavours.

While buying an ELD it is also essential to keep in mind the requirement for certification. We recommend you partner with vendors that are certified and listed on Transport Canada’s website. However, in the case of choosing another vendor, it is important to consider adding necessary clauses that protect you from the contract. Mutually consenting that if the certification is not passed for that particular vendor then clients are free to declare the contract void and join other companies who have successfully been certified is important.

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