IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting

Calculate IFTA accurately within a few seconds and STOP wasting your hard earned Dollars.

Fuel Tax Reporting

Get Hutch’s AI based IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) working for you today!

  • Hutch AI monitored 100% Accurate State Mileage calculation
  • Automatic fuel rate downloads
  • Adjust off-road mileage
  • Import fuel card purchases
  • Fuel receipt scanning from ELD App
Fuel Card Management

Easy to track fuel card assignment to keep track of fuel expense.

  • Assign fuel cards to vehicles or drivers
  • Track reefer fuel purchases
  • Track DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fuel) purchases
Click and File IFTA

File your IFTA and other fuel taxes with simple few clicks.

  • Click and file functionality
  • Compute IFTA (KPL/MPG) based on Vehicle or Fleet
  • Adjust fuel purchases or mileage
  • Compute/Print and File*

Hutch retains all fuel records for 5yrs for active customers to pass IFTA audits.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

IFTA calculations are made using advanced GPS technology However if the device is not connected to ECM properly there can be some discrepancy so it is advised to contact Hutch Support immediately and resolve the concern.

The ELD device will not record any IFTA miles for the Time it is unplugged.

As per the Government requirements, the Fleet Company needs to keep a record for the last 4 years. Hutch retains these records for that much time.

Yes the Fuel Cards can be assigned to trucks using the Web-Portal.

Yes, you can Import the Fuel Transaction report directly into the system. You can always take assistance from our 24*7 support team in case facing any technical difficulties.

Yes, Drivers can also scan receipts and enter the Fuel purchased information directly into the Hutch ELD application while getting the Truck refueled.

Yes, you can book a training Session with the Hutch Training Team and they can assist you with IFTA filing online.

Yes, you can also manually add fuel and also you can go ahead and missing Miles in the IFTA reporting in case of any discrepancy.

Hutch solution automatically calculates the distance your vehicles travel. Users can run detailed reports on the total distance traveled in each US state or Canadian province for any date range, and then easily export reports for IFTA filing. Hutch integrates IFTA mileage collection. It saves time by removing the manual process of tracking miles by state, and it also improves accuracy.

Yes, Safety managers can add and assign the fuel cards into the system and can directly upload the fuel reports sent by the fuel supplier at the end of every month or quarterly as per his/her requirements. Easily import fuel card data, rather than calculate manually based on receipts.

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