Electronic Logging Device (ELD)
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Hutch ELD is industry’s most advanced, user friendly, accurate FMCSA registered ELD (Electronic Logging Device) supported on Android and iOS systems without needing to “Hardwire” for compliance.

Fleet Manager Approved, Driver Loved, FMCSA registered and Canadian ELD mandate capable

  • Most user friendly accurate FMCSA registered ELD
  • Change duty status with ease
  • Team Driver capability
  • Inspector mode
  • Full USA and Canadian HOS implementation
  • Automatic rule switch based on location
  • Dark Mode for night driving
Worry free DOT Inspection
  • Not reliant on Bluetooth or Cell Network
  • Better than hardwire solutions
  • Transfer data directly to FMCSA
  • Works on iOS and Android
  • FMCSA Approved data capture
Eliminate HOS Violations
  • Full HOS calculations with guidance
  • Get audible and visual alerts of potential violations
  • Check USA and Canadian cycle rule simultaneously
  • Predictable HOS guidance

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Yes, drivers can use the Application on Tablet or smartphone devices.

Yes, Hutch ELD can be used at all times without cellular coverage as well. Once the cellular coverage is there Hutch ELD will post all the previous data to the web-servers.

Yes, These Options can be enabled or disabled by the company Manager using the Back portal with admin access.

Yes, Hutch ELD Supports Team Driving. At single Instance Two drivers can login at same time.

Hutch ELD supports both USA and Canadian HOS rules.

Hutch ELD hardware is easy to Install. You can refer to the Instructions manual for Installing the Device. However if you feel to take any assistance for the same you can reach our 24*7 support team for assistance.

Hutch ELD box Includes the following. Hutch ELD Device, Harness, Rubbing alcohol pad, User manual, Set of 2 Hutch ELD decals.

Yes, Hardwire solutions can be offered on special request and as per client requirements.

No, The driving time can not be edited by the Driver from the application.

Yes, Driver can make changes to the logs mentioned above with proper annotation and reason for change from the application itself. Driver has to re-certify the logs after making the changes.

Drivers are shown “ Driving screen as referred by drivers where they can only see the Gauge cluster with Speed of truck and other truck related information with Hours remaining to drive. They can not make any changes on this page.

All the records are kept online for Last 1 Year. Other records are archived and can be accessed on special requests that can be made to the support team.

Yes, Drivers can change these settings in the Display settings of the application or they can even double click on the Driving page screen where gauge clusters appear while driving to switch to Dark mode.

Yes, Hutch ELD supports automatic rules. If drivers wish they can also change it to be manual from the system settings of the ELD Application.

Yes, Hutch ELD devices can be used on passenger and LDV also.

Yes, Hutch ELD can be hardwired as per OEM suggested guidelines.

Yes, Hutch ELD offers hot-spot for the Data but it is limited to Hutch ELD operations not for personal use.

Yes, Hutch ELD supports both Canadian and USA split sleep rules.

Yes, You can also check the information here https://eld.fmcsa.dot.gov/List

Yes, Every event is logged with Hutch systems. If drivers try to tamper with the device it gets recorded.

Hutch Support is available 24*7. Hutch support can be reached by dialing the direct support line on 604-776-3564 Or by Creating a Ticket from the application or from the Admin portal of the Fleet company. You can also reach support by writing an email to support@hutchsystems.com

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