ELD Mandate of Canada: Its time to re-evaluate your ELD vendor’s compliance

By Vishal Sharma November 16 2020

Transport Canada has begun registering the ELD certifying bodies and FP Innovations is first in line. The ELD mandate for the hours of service regulations will come on June 12, 2021 and bring a big change in the Transportation industry in Canada. While those who already have ELDs or travel to the United states might not have to worry about implementing a solution, they definitely need to re-evaluate their current ELD providers’ efforts towards certification in Canada

FMCSA’s self- certifying ELD process in the US allowed a substantial group of ELD companies to enter the market, but it could look different in Canada

Commercial Transportation companies in Canada that already have ELDs or are looking to implement the ELDs soon, should take into consideration the capabilities of their ELD vendor to comply with the certifying body elected by Transport Canada

Things to check in your current ELD to make an informed decision-

  • Canada HOS rules: 7 Day cycle, 14 day cycle, split sleep rules, Personal Conveyance regulations and Team driving authentication
  • ELD should work without Cellular or Wifi Connection to the internet
  • ELD must be capable of recording Data Diagnostic and Malfunction such as unplugging or Tempering with ELD
  • ELD should allow Canadian Deferral rule defined in Hours of Service
  • ELD must be able to log intermediate log or ILC every 60 minutes while the vehicle is in motion
  • ELD must prevent the driver from changing duty status when the vehicle is in motion
  • ELD should not be dependent on Bluetooth Connection or Wifi connection to record driving status
  • Data transfer screen or option should take one step and no more
  • ELD should record data even when the portable ELD device is turned off
  • Locations picked up by ELDs should look something like this- 1.3 KM Abbotsford, BC NNW
  • Driver must not be able to update or change the time on the cell phone or tablet.

Hutch Systems Inc. is working closely with the CCMTA and Transport Canada to complete its ELDs certification and expects only a handful ELD vendors like Hutch Systems, Omnitracs and Peoplenet to be certified under the Canadian Mandate of ELDs. Our only aim is to offer the right and compliant services to the Transportation industry in Canada.

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