Editing ELD Logs, is it legal?

The ELD mandate of December 2019 has created big changes for the Fleets/Carriers operating in; or travelling to and from the United States. One of the biggest concerns drivers and carriers face is making changes or Edits to their logs after the event has already occurred.

Is it legal to edit my logs ?

Yes, editing logs or making changes to a log is legal in the following cases

  • The initially created log was incorrect
  • You are Adding missing information to an existing or previous log
  • The driver forgot to switch to OFF duty before signing out of the ELD
  • If the driver moves the truck within a yard but goes over 5mile/hour and the ELD automatically put them in a driving status
  • If the driver was using the Truck for Personal Use but the ELD put them in a driving status

Who can edit my logs?

The logs can only be edited by the drivers with a suggested or limited edit by a Carrier staff member/Fleet manager as per the FMCSA’s ELD mandate. When editing logs be sure to add annotations (comment) or the reason for edit. A driver also needs to confirm changes made by the back office administrator and re-certify his log once edit is completed. Drivers or admins cannot make changes/edits to the following-

  • Drive time or Driving Hours for work
  • Engine synchronization events including Engine up/down (EU/ED)
  • Driver Login/Logout events and Intermediate Log events (ILC)
  • Data diagnostic events or malfunction events

Learn more on how to edit Hutch logs or ELD events by reaching out to www.hutchsystems.com

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