Starting the Shift

Logging into Hutch ELD app is quick and easy. Change Status to ON duty and effortlessly complete the E-DVIR before starting to drive the truck. Hutch ELD includes USA and Canada HOS, while providing enough information on the home screen to plan the route and trip ahead in time.

Transit to Customers locations

During a Drivers transit to customers(Shippers/receivers), Hutch ELD assists with required DOT mandatory breaks by showing available hours to Drive and Rest making driver’s work more efficient and productive

Scan documents and Track Fuel information

Hutch ELD app allows the driver to keep track of all fuel purchases, with a scanning capability keeping better track of fuel expenses and for filing IFTA taxes

Review data on the go

Hutch offers a Driver App (available on iOS and Google Play Store) that allows drivers to review and manage their data, on the go, while they sip on a coffee, at home or a coffee shop, away from the Truck. Driver Apps help drivers make better future decisions.

Pick up and drop off Cargo

Hutch ELD is intuitive, driver friendly, with an easy to use interface. Change duty status’ with ease and put annotations when picking up or dropping off cargo. This provides the back office Admin with sufficient information, improving time management and avoiding unnecessary contact with the Driver.

Hassle free DOT/Roadside inspections

Hutch ELD is certified and registered with the FMCSA. Going through roadside inspections or scales will definitely be quicker with the Hutch ELD. Transfer or show logs easily to the Officer using Hutch’s multiple log Transfer/view features.

Finishing the Day

Hutch ELD will track, monitor and alert the driver along the route and even when getting back home. Drivers can complete a POST Trip inspection before logging out of the ELD and input any defects with Pictures for the next Driver/or next Day.

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