Reviewing previous Data

Hutch Portal will store all HOS, Tracking and Safety related data for the Dispatchers to make better decisions for future trips. Maximize Driver and Vehicle utilization by using Hutch HOS, Tracking and Planner reports.

Dispatching Drivers

Once the Driver is dispatched with the vehicle, a Hutch tracking link for individual trucks can be sent out to the customers. Provide live location updates, Reefer data, Driver/vehicle behavior and chosen routes to customers to give them peace of mind.

Planning for next day

Hutch makes planning for the next day easy with data and knowledge of the whereabouts of all vehicles and drivers. Run Hutch Live Tracking on a Big Screen to get alerts and prompts to take appropriate actions. Enjoy a cup of coffee while looking at your fleet in action and feel proud as the cargo moves, for your customers.

Keep an eye on your Assets

Helping drivers with anything they encounter in the field is easy, as all data from vehicles seamlessly flows into the Hutch back office portal. Get live Alerts: check engine lights, HOS Violations, Roadside Inspections and much more

Be more reliant

Hutch Systems will ensure that all deliveries and pickups are done in time, making your customers more reliant on you while you serve them with a safer fleet, at a cost effective rate.

Focus on New Business

Continuous check on drivers and vehicles is made easy when you use the World class Hutch Fleet Management System. Have more confidence in being SAFER on the road than your competition, while focusing on bringing more business.

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