Hutch AI Dash Cam
Partnered with Surfsight

Keep an extra set of eyes on the road, while sitting in the office. Take Proactive, effective action with our A12 Hutch AI
Dash Cams and prevent incidents with behavior capture.

Road and Driver facing AI Dashcam

Future Proof
Meet your needs and grow based on your fleets need
Distracted Driving
Get distracted driving alerts including fatigue, speeding, Hard accerleration, Hard braking
Live Video Stream
Stream live video from the dash cam while in the office
Alerts & Visibility
Get live alerts with location, speed, date and time
Simple installation
Installation takes less thsn 10 minutes and is simple
Driver/Vehicle behavior
Manage and review Driver behavior and prevent incidents
Benefits of Road and Driver Facing AI Dash Cams
  • Get live HD video of the road and Driver to manage behavior and prevent incidents
  • Identify sudden acceleration, sharp turns and hard braking to avoid preventable collisions
  • Retrieve and Play Footage stored in the SD card, any time from your back office portal
  • Get access of incidents with videos stored on the cloud for upto 30 days
  • Point-by-Point information with Date, Time, Speed and Location for accuracy of incidents
  • Access the dashboard from anywhere you are, on any device

Smart Cloud-Connected Dashcam

Surfsight’s A-12 dashcam offers full HD video powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance fleet safety and reduce collision-related costs.

3600 Visibility

Simultaneously capture footage of the road ahead and the vehicle’s cabin to detect risk wherever it occurs.

AI Driver Alerts

Correct distracted or risky driving in the moment with audio feedback and warnings. After the second warning, our dashcam automatically creates a ten-second video recording and uploads it to the cloud for management review.

Cloud Management

Get instant access to live video from the road, manage risky driving, and review recordings to investigate incidents at any time.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Yes, to capture the Road and the Driver

Driver behavior including Speeding, Harsh driving, Hard Cornering, Hard Braking, Road conditions, Fatigued/ Distracted driving

Yes, there is an SD card inside the Dash Cam hardware which can store upto 3 days of full HD videos and overwrites once more data is added

The cloud system will store incidents with videos for upto 30 days and will keep deleting the data from before.

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