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About us

Hutch Systems offers a World Class Fleet Management System to trucking companies throughout North America including the US, Canada and Mexico.

Our devices and web based software solutions:

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  • Provide real time visibility into the location and status of your trucks and trailers
  • Gather diagnostic information on the performance of your equipment
  • Help meet compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Leverage Cloud computing and Telematics to improve equipment utilization
  • Provide a scalable platform to manage your fleet growth

Key Differentiators:

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  • Installation of hardware is easy and takes less than 10 minutes per truck
  • taxes are calculated in less than 15 seconds and can be printed, signed and submitted
  • Diagnostics information is provided in addition to location
  • We invest heavily in product design & development and is based on customer inputs & feedback
  • Hardware, Software and Services are offered as fully Integrated Market-ready Solutions
  • Your customers can be updated through a link that shows their consignment in real time on a map with all relevant information